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I need a little help hooking up all of my components.

I have:

Samsung HL-T5076s


Onkyo TX-SR505

Motorola DCH3416


Polk R50

Polk CS10

Polk M30

Right now I have the PS3 and motorola going to the Onkyo using HDMI cables "pass through only" and I have digital optical cables from each for the sound going into the Onkyo. Then the HDMI cable going from onkyo to the Samsing HDMI input 1. The Wii is hooked up RWY strait to the Samsung.

The problem I am having is the Onkyo will only let both the motorola and the PS3 only go through VCR mode on the reciever and I still have to use the remote and hit setup then video output and switch from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 to be able to see it on the TV. Then I have to hit CD to be able to here the PS3 audio. How can I get the PS3 to play through the cbl video and cbl audio? Or even just not having to go into setup and switch HDMI outputs?

Can I hook up the Wii to the Onkyo to have surround sound. I know my Onkyo does not upconvert any signals to HDMI.

I think after I figure this out, my system will be complete!!!!
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