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I am thinking about an DVD player upgrade. I have an Toshiba 65HX93 HDTV and I currently use a Panasonic CP72 via component input.

I am trying to avoid the HD DVD/BD formats until it becomes more clear that we will actually have winner.

Will I benefit by getting an DVD player that will upconvert to 1080i with my TV? I dont mind going up to $300-400 to get a well built unit if it is worth it. Just based on what I have read here and a few other places I like the Sony 3100ES, the Oppo (of course) and the Toshiba XA1 HD DVD player is very highly rated as an upconverting player. I know the Toshiba is HD DVD but it just looks like such a well built unit and it would mostly be used as an SD DVD player as I dont see myself dropping alot of money into HD discs until things play out a little further.

Thanks for any input

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