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I'm in the process of upgrading my 2-channel stereo setup to something a bit more upscale. At the moment, I think I've got the electronics taken care of, with some decent sources, a Crown SL-2 Pre, Mc2100 Amp, and Crown PS-200 amp configured in a biamp setup with the crown handling the lows and the Mac handling the highs.

At the moment I'm listening to a pair of Klipsch RF-35's on loan from a dealer, I like them, but at the same time, I am looking in all other directions before I make any moves.

So far the other speakers that have caught my eye and more importantly, ear, are as follows. PSB T55's,a used pair of NHT VT-2's, and a used pair of Counterpoint Continentals, all priced in the same neighborhood. I like the sound of each, with certain speakers sounding different than the other, but all are spectacular.

If you had a choice between either new set of the mentioned Klipsch, or PSB, or a used set of the Mentioned NHT or Counterpoint, which way would you go.
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