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I am trying to choose between the following speakers.

Jamo C401 from Vann's for $79 a pair

Polk Monitor 30 from J&R for $99 a pair

Polk T15 from Best Buy for $109 a pair

Polk r150 from Fry's for $99 a pair

Polk M10 from Electronic Expo for $45 a pair

Infinity Primus P152 from Electronic Expo for $84 a pair

All of the Polk's other than the monitor 30 pair with the same CSR center and all are listed together on Polk's website with identical specs. The M10 seam to be the most aggressively priced but I cannot find any reviews or info on any of these speakers.

The Jamo's are the only 6 ohm set and only set with 4" woofers, rest are 8 ohm with 5" woofers. All of the matching centers for any set are under $100 and I am sure all are great speakers. Unfortunately I cannot demo any and would be purchasing online.

I would just like some opinions and preferences on what seams to be the best deal. If anyone has heard these or owns any of these please give me your opinion. I like the Polk Audio brand and was kind of leaning that way but don't know which set to choose and I hear great things about Jamo. I have read through the owner's threads and got nice info on the brands but none really on these specific models.

I have a small to medium size room and don't need anything crazy and for around $300 for a centter and 2 pairs of any of these seams to be great values for the money and would all meet the WAF. Now I just need to choose.
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