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Need some screen Help Please

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I have had my projector since April, and the time has come where my wife is going to MAKE me get a screen. She just can't take the Parkland screensuspended from the ceiling anymore :) ....so...I need to get a manual pull down screen.

I need some help guys...

My set up..

Infocus X1 DLP Ceiling mounted image size roughly 92" diagonal.

Panasonic XP 50 DVD Player.

Sit back 15 feet from the screen.

1) Brand and Type of Screen: I am intereseted a screen that has a gain somewhere between the Parkland (~1.0) and the Da-Lite High Power (~2.8). Something 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 would be nice. My personal opinion is that the high Power won't be good for my ceiling mount projector and I personally feel it kinda washes the picture (don't everyone attack...it's just my opinion). The screen must be self-tensioned and available in a manual pull-down case.

2) Aspect Ratio: I want to go 16:9...not really...I want to go 2.35:1, but I guess that could make it more difficult to watch 1.85:1 movies. 4:3 is a snap, because I just put the projector in "Native" mode and it fits on the screen I use now. Any recommendations for aspect ratio?

3) Masking: I want to mask for 2.35:1, 1.85:1 and 4:3. How do I do it? What size should the screen material be to accomodate these popular aspect ratios?

To me this is more difficult than choosing a projector. I am even toying with the idea of using a HTPC because its easier to move the picture around. I don't want to adjust my pj mount everytime I watch a movie...I can live with changing the zoom...that's fine.

I am going to do some testing and measuring tonight.

Thx All...


By the way.....go buy the Alien Quadrilogy that just came out.....you won't be disappointed!

Any help/advice/recommendations are appreciated.
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And I would like to add to MQ25s question regarding whether someone who plans to change image size back and forth between aspect ratios, without a masking system, should order a screen without the standard black borders.
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