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Need some suggestions/advice - been going round in circles

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Hi and first of all - great forum, lots of useful information and a friendly atmosphere. (and sorry for the mass wall of text for a first post)

I've probably spent upwards of 50 hours now reading reviews and sorting through threads mostly from this forum. I'm basically at my wits end and have been on the verge of purchasing a few different sets then backed out - or supplies ran out. As a first time purchaser (at 30 years old) I really dont know much - have a hard time assessing the accuracy and quality of information half the time. The set I'm upgrading from is our crappy 15 year old crt that didnt work half the time and got thrown away a year ago (so in reality i'd be happy with anything big and shiny if i wasnt slightly OCD about this kinda thing).
First of all a list of what I'm (we're - gotta include the better half) looking for(in order of most important to least):

1. A set thats going to last. Mostly in terms of performance - less so in terms of future-proofing technology wise. I'm used to paying a bit extra for a reliable brand - but when it comes to tv's i really have no clue.

2. Nice PQ. Doesn't have to have the best blacks, etc. but shouldnt have anything that a normal viewer would consider poor.

3. We will most likely end up with a gaming console and would want to stay away from sets known for having quite bad input lag - but a small amount, or should i say the standard amount for most plasmas seems reasonable to us as casual gamers.

Our budget started at 4000kr (swedish kronor) - i quickly realised how limited that was and its extended out to 6000, possibly 7000kr. The pound is around 1:10 atm so we're looking at around the £600 give or take a 100. The room itself is quite large - so we're looking at 40-50inch plasmas2. We will mostly be using this for a combination of sd - normal tv watching and watching hi def movies. An amount of perhaps lower quality movies from the computer.

Ok - so here's some general questions before i talk about specific sets:

1. There seems to be a dearth of information about some of the newer sets - in relation to reviews, user commentary and calibrations. Am i just not searching correctly or is it just that it isnt out there? (most of the stuff i have found seems to have a distinct marketing flavour to it without any real substance).

2. The forums seems to be focused on UK consumers (hope i havent inadvertently posted this in the US specific section
!). Are there any swedes out there with advice for buying within Sweden - and more importantly, information on how well the companies respond to user complaints in Sweden. Can i get a Panasonic rep out to fix a problem I have or to calibrate/tune?

3. I'm not cluey about sound systems either - but will look at buying a budget/medium level entry 5.1 system. Do i have to be worried that I could possibly buy a tv only to find out in a month that the sound setup i want isnt going to work with it? I guess once I have a tv i can specifically buy for that tv - but again i wouldnt really know were to start looking - all the cheap deals atm seem to be for, surprise surprise, cheap crud that would suit my needs, but not necessarily even have the right inputs for some tvs.

TV's i have looked at / considered roughly in order of increasing price

Looking for full HD.

LG 50PK350N

LG 50" Plasma-TV 50PT351N

LG 50" Plasma-TV 50PV350


Panasonic txp42g20e

Panasonic TX-P50U30E

Panasonic TX-P42G30

I have read a lot of info about the txp42g20 and p42g30 tv's. Am kinda thrown off by the fluctuating blacks of the 20's and the gamma problems of the 30. It's hard to read the pages of pages of criticisms and be able to make a judgement as to the worth of the tv. Is it just fine picking details or is it a serious problem? Likewise some of the tv's are really hard to find any info about. For example, the p50u30e. Most of the info i found on the p50u30 seemed to be from around 2005?

Ditto for the LG's I was at the store, money in hand about to buy the 50pk350, but the only one left had a quite obvious and large logo burnt on to it. I had read lots about that particular model, but not buying it then made me rethink a lot of other options. I mean there seems to be about 10-15 LG 42, 46 and 50" plasmas in that same price range of which only a few i can find info about. Should i consider other models? - pt, pv350, pv351, pj350, for example.

I havent even really considered Samsungs yet
Any suggestions?

Final note: Theres a deal on this tv, LG 50PZ250 50" PLASMA FULL-HD 3D, that puts in into the price range of the other tv's. We dont care about 3D - it would only be a novelty and amount to a fraction of our viewing, but would this tv perform as well in sd and HD 2d as the others? Theres seems to be cheaper and cheaper budget level 3d screens that seem to cry out "avoid me! run while you can!", but would function as non 3D well?

Sorry again for the massive wall of semi-organised text. I wrote as I thought - and I'm clearly not thinking too straight right now. Thanks in advance - any links/search suggestions - hell anything is welcome. I'd even like for someone to go SMACK, buy this one and forget the rest, and I'd run out and buy it and be happy! If I've missed out on any information that would be helpful just let me know.


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