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Need some suggestions

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I recently sold my 60" Sony LCD the model was 2 years old (1080i)and proved to be a great set until the set fell from the stand and it eventually started to have problems, so I got rid of it on ebay. Now I am in the market for a new set, and I am into HDDVD and Blu-ray along with Multi Channel sound. My room is rather large and I have a 5 channel in-wall setup along with a Velodyne 12" SUB.

But now I am looking for a new set in the 60" and higher range, I have heard some good and bad things about the Mitsus and the Toshiba and the Samsungs. What do you guys recommend, my budget is about 3,500 and I would also entertain the 52" and up LCD Flat Panel Displays as well.

Thanks, I love this forum!!
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Those are the top 3 DLP brands, and either one would be great for you. Samsung recently came out on top of a Home Theater 1080p shootout, but any of those brands are excellent. Go see them in stores and go with whichever has the features you want and looks best to your eyes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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