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Need Speaker and Subwoofer Advice

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I recently purchased a 60xbr2 and and the onkyo 504 receiver.

I currently have 4 hand me down sony speakers from a system my dad bought a while back. These bear the label SS-TS8. I have them set up as the left front, right front, rear right, and rear left speakers.

I also have two old Marantz speakers that were my grandfathers, if I had to guess they probably are 10-20 years old. At one point I had them hooked up and they didn't sound half bad. I am considering using these as the surround right and surround left speakers.

Anyhow, this brings me to my current issue. I do not have a center speaker or subwoofer. I am comfortable spending about 500 dollars more on my sound setup right now.

My first question is whether I should 1) ditch the speakers I have, which I realize are likely subpar, and try and get an all new 5.1 or 7.1 setup for ~500 bucks; OR 2) spend the $500 on a nicer center channel speaker and subwoofer to fill out the 7.1 system using my other speakers.

My second question is obviously what specific components should I purchase. Also, please note that if I pick option 2, it is not out of the question or budget that I might upgrade the remaining speakers at a later date.

The system will be used probably 90% for HD television, 5% xbox 360, and 5% movies.

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If all you're using the system for is TV/movies, you'll definitely want to add a center and a sub. Start with the center. Most folks buy the center that matches the front L/R pair so that the timbre matches across the soundstage. This is very important. However, if you're looking to upgrade your existing speakers, I'd suggest that you first figure out what front L/R pair you'd like to eventually buy, and first buy the matching center. Save your money and then get a sub, and then upgrade your front L/R. The sub will provide the "punch" and "rumble" you want out of your movies.

I'm biased towards Infinity speakers, since I like their very scientific approach toward speaker development and the fact that they manufacture all their own drivers. I feel it results in a very neutral speaker, and their pricing provides a great value (except for, possibly, their subwoofer line). Some of the Internet-only brands are also quite popular, and I'm sure that their fans will chime in.

There are a *lot* of options available for even a modest budget, and most of them are outstanding values compared with what was available 10 years ago. It'll be hard to go wrong if you do your homework (i.e. read all the threads of interest here). Good luck and enjoy!
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Originally Posted by Jimb0v
2) spend the $500 on a nicer center channel speaker and subwoofer to fill out the 7.1 system using my other speakers.
This is your best option. If you're only spending up to $500 for a speaker upgrade, the most bang for your buck on new speakers will be your center channel and sub.

I suggest the x-cs center by Onix HERE .
I have decided to go with option two. I am purchasing a BIC H100 and probably the Onix you suggested.

Thanks for your help.
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