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Need speaker in PHILIPPINES!!!

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I live in the philippines. the nearest big city is CEBU but I'm willing to go anywhere to get home theater speakers. i don't need ultra high end, just something decent. Any help?
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fellow pinoy...

I'm not sure where you can buy in Cebu but if you go to Manila there are some shops there that cater to your hi-fi taste....

SM MegaMall - they have some hifi-shops there....

Makati - Park Square...

or you can get it off the internet.....

some asian sites that sell speakers/amps/etc....

www.norh.com (based in thailand)
www.cattylink.com (they sell China components - worth a look)

some asian sites to look at...

www.usher-audio.com... (im not sure on this one...do a search on usher speakers)
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good to see filipino brethren interested in good quality sound. if you were in the bay area (nope not daly city), you could listen to my Axiom Grand Master w/ VTF2 and 45TX...
thanks folks. i'm thinking my best bet might be an internet retailer that ships to the philippines. my center channel and subwoofer are still okay, i think they are energy e-7's. so i need four speakers to match with them. this is for dvd viewing. any suggestions and any suggestions for an internet retailer? the above links sell their own funny name brands and i'm looking for something mainstream i think.
I'd recommend asking Axiom ( www.axiomaudio.com ) to see if the ship there. I think the problem would be the cost of shipping it there would make the value less, since you're spending more money.

I believe there was someone on speaker board here from Australia that tried to do the same method as you. He ended up deciding to buy from Australia (or closer) in order to put the money towards the speaker than the shipment costs. You might want to see if you can find that thread. Sorry, I can't remember any keywords except maybe Australia.
it's probably best to match them all throughout...Check out some stores in Manila if they sell Energy's...I would think they do....they also sell b&w ...they are a good buy if I say so myself...(I used to own b&w 602 s1)

if you are in cebu then just get a manila yellow pages and do a search...or ask around....

I think it might be expensive if you are to buy here in the US or canada bec. of shipping expenses.....

if you are interested in australian speakers, mate! check out www.krix.com.au or www.tip.net.au/~legend or www.asm.com.au

they are all from australia so shipping might not be so bad....

also www.xindak.com.en is another asian site.....(asian/chinese products have come a long way since a few years ago....)

I bought one of their speakers (from Aurum Cantus - ribbon tweeter based speaker - Leisure Deluxe 2) and they were okey....need some break-in for the midwoofs to ease up though...but they were okay....

I still own Chinese based speakers - Swans 4.1, Swans CC and Swans RC for my HT....they sound good (and they look VERY good).....I bought them here from **********....
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I'm shure about Usher Audio.I like the CP738.

It's a three way with the third low at 200 hz.

A fantastic sound fopr the price: It's my personal loudspeakers and I can choose many.

Go to ayala mall and check out those stores.

JBL is very common here and available anywhere. You can also get Paradigm, B&W, PSB, KEF, Athena... almost anything. What is your budget and what kind of speakers?
There are good stores at Megamall. I saw some Energys and B&Ws there when I had my vacation more than a year ago. There are some at Park Square (at the back of Glorietta) but Megamall would be better (prices though are quite high but the selection is better).

doodleboytoy: Pare, are those shops at Ayala Mall new ones? Can't wait to visit there when I take my next vacation.

Lastly, are there many Filipinos in the forum?

I said ayala mall because the guy is from cebu and i am just hoping that there are some good stores there. However, the best place to shop for speakers is shang. I think they have three stores with high end products - energy, revel, b&w, dynaudio, jbl, yamaha, you name it.

As for the prices... well, if you factor in the exchange rate and freight i think we have better prices here vs. abroad. got b&w's a few months ago and its a steal compared to us msrp.

Eric - whats your gear?

Yeah, Shangri-La is the place. I confused it with Megamall since the two are adjacent. It's where I demoed some Energys before. The store was Audio Visual Driver, if I remember it correctly.

Anyway, I bought my gear here in Saudi Arabia since I got a good deal on the Energy Take 5.2 with the 10in sub. I got it at around 60% of the quoted price in that shop at Shangri-La, with free stands as bonus. However, I plan to upgrade my fronts to floorstanders as soon as my place allows it. My room's around (13 x 9)ft. But now the Energys seem more than enough.

If B&Ws are reasonably priced there, I might as well buy it there. Here I can get those at an outrageously high price.

I use the Onkyo TX-DS797 to drive my speakers btw.

By the way, what B&W model did you get?
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I got B&W 803's. Actually they are 6 month old but brand new looking when I got them. I was keen on getting the 804's but when the used 803 became available at 40% off SRP there was not more questions.
Good deal pare! So they sell used stuff as well huh?

Do you know btw if DVE is available somewhere in Shangri-La?
try going to pinoydvd.com they should give you better help than from here.
Mga tol. Ok to mga pinoys na mahilig sa Home theater system. bgl90042

magkano ang budget mo? Baka pwede kong i ship sayo ang speakers from here (Washington DC, USA).

Ito ang setup ko --> http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/attac...chmentid=12119
That's very nice of you PanaFan. Sana ako din pag may kailangan akong gear tol. :)
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