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Hi All-

I am still debating upon a new receiver and have narrowed my search down to 2 models- the Elite SC-25 or the Elite VSX-23TXH.

The receiver will need to drive to Sonus Faber Grand Pianos (Concert Home Series). I think it is pretty much a no brainer that the SC-25 will provide plenty of power- but will the VSX-23XTH provide enough horsepower, or will i be disappointed?

Here are the specs for the 23TXH

110 Watts x 7 Direct Energy Amplification

(20Hz - 20kHz, 8 ohms, 0.09% THD - FTC)

Here are specs for the Grand Piano's:

Type: 30 litre two-way with ABR front vented design, magnetically shielded

Tweeter: 26mm silk dome ferrofluid cooled

Mid and Bass Driver: 180mm fibre glass multi-coated cone

Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V at 1 meter

Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms

Crossover Frequencies: 200Hz, 3kHz

Maximal Power Handling: 250 watts

Dimensions: 1080mm x 235mm x 290mm (HxWxD)

Weight: 25kg each

Any help appreciated- Thanks all!

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It's hard to say how much power a receiver has from it's specs. Power drops off as more than two channels are driven, and the specs of this receiver don't reflect this.

Given that it's Pioneer, and they have been a good company, and it's not a budget receiver, I would expect good performance.
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