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Need STB for Insignia TV

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i just bought an insignia 27" hd ready tv from bestbuy for 299$. I know i would need a tuner for tv programs,but it is basically for my xbox. i wasnt lookin to spend too much money. I noticed it was much lower in price, is this a deal or a joke of a HDtv. im knew to the hd thing, if someone could give me some feedback i would appreciate it.

Here is the site to the tv specs

bestbuy website

search for 27" insignia hdtv
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1080i and component in, that's great. You'll need a tuner though.
Is it a 4:3 or 16:9 screen TV? If it's 4:3, take it back and get yourself a widescreen HDTV. In order to display HD resolutions on a 4:3 HD set, you need to either stretch the picture to fit the screen or watch it with letterbars on the top and bottom. Also, check the Direct View forum here for tube based TV advice, this section is not for displays.
Need a HD Tuner?

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Check the STB snyopsis at the top of the forum:

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