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Need Sticky Thread For Sub Build Info

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I have a few questions and think that a sticky on this question would would make it so I don't have to post my rookie questions when I know that they have possibly been asked before.

Suggestions for sticky would be. And please if you have time could you please answer these questions for me.

1. What program do people use to calculate tuning frequencies and sub enclosure volumes.

2. Tools need to build your own enclosure? Do you need CNC machine?

3. Supplies - where can one buy the ports.

4. Equiptment - Who are the different types of manufacturers who provide subs?

What are good amps to use?

5. How low can you tune a given woofer? If it says 15hz can you tune it to go lower?

Sorry about so many questions? I know some will say just do your research, but a one stop shop would be nice.

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1 - Unibox and Bassbox Pro. Mostly Unibox because it's free and seems to be more accurate. Hornresp for horn, TQWT, transmission line, and other oddball horn based designs.

2 - you can build one up with just a jigsaw, but it's time consuming. At a minimum, I would suggest a good circular saw with a clamp-on straigtedge. Drills are handy too. Add a router if you want to round off any edges or fancy up the box. You do not need a CNC machine, but it sure wouldn't hurt.

3 - off the top of my head: Parts Express, Solen, Madisound, MCM Electronics, Creative Sound Solutions. Home Depot for sonotubes if you need a big one like my IXL 18.2.2 build.

4 - that could add up to a long list. For subs - Acoustic Elegance, Mach 5 Audio, Exodus Audio (DIYcable), Creative Sound Solutions... the list goes on. Amps... another long list. A lot of people, myself included, favor pro amps for the kinds of builds we get up to in this forum

5 - I would put the practical limits at around 12Hz. Below that, you start getting into some monumental box and port sizes that make infinite baffle designs look like space savers.
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Wolf nailed a lot of it, but for Q2, you could always approach a cabinet making shop and have them cut the panels for you on a large table. Easier and more accurate for many than a table saw, and then it becomes a glue, clamp and trim job to complete the basic enclosures.

There are a couple of places near me that do this, mainly catering to carpenters who need to do some special jobs but are not set up to do this as a main part of their work. One place charges me $48 for a 1200x2400mm sheet of mdf cut as many times as I want. A sheet from the local hardware chain uncut is $30-35, so it's not worth my time or effort to do it myself.
I really like WinISD for modeling. Very slick program, and free
. Plus, it lets you compare multiple subs at once, which unibox doesn't let you do.

Elemental Designs and Fi Car Audio are a few others to consider.

The limit for tuning a woofer can really only be determined via modeling. Mess with the volume, port length, and power to find the optimal SPL/extension/displacement relationship to find what works best for you. Subs tuned below ~18Hz should have 8" diameter ports, above that you can use 6".
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evolvo, your questions are what this whole part of avs is about. wayyyy too much information for a single thread.
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