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Hello all,

I need some help with my fledgling setup and I have limited experience with home audio.

A. What I have

- Bose surround speakers (5 of them, used, from an acoustimass 10? system)

- Onkyo TXSR577 AV Receiver

B. My constraints

- I have heard bose speakers are not a good deal bang for buck BUT I am trying to limit further spend for now

C. What I am missing

- A subwoofer

I have heard that Bose speakers ONLY work with Bose Woofers. My question to the forum is

1. Can you confirm this?

2. If so, where wd you recommend I can pick up a bose woofer?

3. If not what other affordable and compatible woofer wd you recommend


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The problem with blows, sorry, meant bose, is that the little satellites they have don't have any kind of low end response at all so you will need a sub that will reach up to 150-200 hz. Most smaller subs should be able to do this but truthfully I don't like a subwoofer handling response up that high. You lose clarity in my opinion.
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