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I have an LG WH12NS40 bluray drive/burner. When it works, all is great. However it keeps disappearing from my system. At first I though the sata cable must be loose. Pulled it off and redid it an it was back. Then it disappeared again. Sometimes after reboot it comes back but usually not. Then i saw on my board (asrock z87 extreme 4) that two of the sata ports where intel controlled. Pulled the machine out, and attached it to those. It came back then disappeared again a few days later.

I'm tired of messing with it. I tried flashing the newer firmware to the drive even though lg said if you have a disappearing drive this probably won't fix it. They were right lol.

Basically i am using the drive just to rip my collection of BD. Playback down the road may happen but i usually just use PS3 for that. What is a good reliable BD drive/burner for HTPC use? Or any ideas on what the heck is happening with the LG drive?

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