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Which speakers to go for surrounds

  • Neumann KH120

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  • Genelec G Three (8030) / G Four (8040)

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  • Wait and buy a MEGeithain or Genelec 8260 later...to use as Mains and the KH310 will be pushed to su

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  • None of the above - some other option (pl. write in your vote)

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As you know... I'm setting up a 5.1 ch Hometheater (mostly for music with some movies). This is for the living room of my aptmt (not a dedicated HT room or man-cave - which is a possibility in a few years)...but for now WAF, NAF and other pesky factors come into play.

I've chosen the Neumann KH310 for L/C/R (over the Genelec G Four/8040) due to an incredible price vs performance that has been made possible due to the sudden fall of the Indian Rupee and the dealer offering the pre-fall price. In US$ terms the savings aren't much.

Since I can't afford to go in for the Neumann KH310 for the surrounds too ... I now have to choose the surrounds..

My choices are Neumann KH120 vs Genelec G Three/ G Four

Many people have strongly suggested that I should'nt mix-n-match brands and should go for the Neumann KH120. [Thank you for your suggestions and pl. don't get offended that I opened a thread anyways for this - as I just wanted to see what the general opinion among other members would be on this - as the dilemma is quite tricky for me]

The problem begins with the fact that I somehow got the wife convinced regarding the KH310 for the LCR (explaining the price/performance factors etc) despite the G Four winning in all other fronts including WAF...this is where the debate is... as it will be sitting right next to us as we watch movies...

I know the price, voice/tonal factor and the rear ported vs front ported, availability make it a "no-brainer" to go for the KH120...and I shouldn't have had to ask at all...

There are logical/sensible reasons to pick a product...but we all know... logic is irrelevant to WAF... and especially when a compromise deal was achieved through some offers... (I basically convinced her that "we have to step-up the budget from the $1000 (HTIB) to $2500 (passive with receivers) and then to the $7000 range (active studio monitors) because we should get only the best and nothing less... and the Genelec is it... and to top it we both like its looks"... and now having switched over to the Neumann KH310 - (for performance and price/value reasons) and having stepped-up the budget even further to the $9000 range, the aesthetic factor has been abandoned for the LCR and now for the Surrounds too...

She'd feel like I pulled a "bait-n-switch" tactic...

The Genelec G series had and continues to have very high WAF compared to the KH120... If I go with all KH120 then there will be no Gennies in the house - the Gennies are what helped me convince the wife to up the budget by nearly 400%

We are pretty much in love with the looks of Genelec G Three and G Four and are not at all impressed with the looks of the Neumann KH120.

but all this comes at a price.. the Genelec 8030 is available at $1000 after duties and taxes whereas the KH120 is available at $700

8030 has a 3 week waiting period and G Three has a 6-8 week waiting period... but the KH120 is available immediately...

I'm guessing the performance of either will be about equal or hard to distinguish (for me...)

Therefore could the esteemed members of this forum - and the people informed about these products please give me some solid reasons, other than the ones I mentioned:

G 3: Looks, rear ported (better looks

KH120: Price, Availabliltiy same brand/voice/timber/tone as the mains,front ported (flexible placement) :

Any other reasons as to why I should pick KH120 over the Genelec G Three or 8030...

or should I skip either and wait and build my system in stages...after building up some more cash reserves...

as in.... add a ME-Geithain co-axial speakers later as the mains L/R...or even a Genelec 8260...for L/R

If I get the surrounds I can afford now (KH120 or 8030) and later decide to go for the Geithains or 8260 - then the KH120 or G3/G4 would end-up being the weak link... in a 7.1 system which may be over-kill - when all I wanted was an excellent 5.1 system
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