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Need suggestions on 5.1 speaker system to go with my new Yamaha 863.

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I just purchased a new Yamaha 863 and need to upgrade my speakers. I currently have Jamo Omega series(4 satelites and 10" 100 watt sub) and I like the way they sound but they are getting old and cant handle the poer of the Yamaha. I need to stay with satelites and sub combo(5.1) because they are going in a small room. Any suggestions would be great. Budget is $700.
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The Jamo's can handle the power of the 863, it's not like you are running them with 75 watts rms all the time. Most people use about 1-2 watts for most listening(75-95db) depending on the sensitivity of their speakers, Peaks will usually hit around 100watts unless you are in a large room or have very in-efficient speakers.

But as you say the Jamos are getting old and you most likely would like a new/different sound to go with the new avr, I would look to Kef, Orb for sattelites or some smallish bookshelf speakers like av123 Rocket 250's or Axiomaudio M2s as another possibility although I think most of these are above your $700 budget if you include a good sub like the SVS PB10nsd or eD a2-350.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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