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Need suggestions on converting 2 way music speaker system to HT

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Hi Audio Gurus,

I have a 2 way music system consisting of Thiel 3.5 speakers, Krell KSA-50 amps. I want to convert this into 5.1 HT system. I am thinking using Onkyo Pre-pro or tx-nr3007 as pre-amp. I want to Thiels as front-speakers and Krell as amps for them. I want to add rear speakers and sub and some amps. Please give me moderately priced suggestions. What about using Emotiva amp vs. using amps inside onkyo tx-n33007 for the rear and center channels. I need a decent sub around $300-500. My tastes are 50% Music and 50% HT usage.

I appreciate your feedback.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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