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I'm currently using a low end Pioneer 5.1 receiver and it appears to be at the end of its life cycle -- I have popping sound on one channel and some time completely lost sound. Have to reset multiple times to fix it.

Was wondering if anyone can suggest a replacement receiver. Currently my setup is:

1. pioneer 5.1 receiver

2. Input source: wii(analogue), HDTV tuner(optical), WDTV(coax), squeezebox(optical), etc.

3. speaker: front two Rogers book shelf speaker, plus 2 Athena speakers in rear and 1 Athena center speaker.

Use: most of the time I use this setup for 2 channel music and listen to my digital library through squeezebox+ the two Rogers bookshelf. The other use is for some movies and some games/TVs. For me most important thing is music quality.

I wonder what would you suggest for a replacement receiver that has good quality for music ? Don't really care about 7.1 or 3D but I do need multiple digital sound input.

Another option I was thinking is to use the receiver as a decoder and add an integrated amplifier for the 2 front speaker for music. Does that make sense ? Wonder if there is any link to explain such setup, and what kind of amplifier to buy.

Would like to keep this

Thanks in advance.
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