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Can ayone help me..

Room: 24ft X 14ft, equipment positioned across room, this is the main living room in the house so cannot set out using the full length :( (See Picture for details, though speakers now further apart)

System (Audio)

Denon AV-A10SE THX (4800 equiv. I think)

Denon POA-T10 THX Power Amp

Arcam FMJ DV27 DVD

Kef Q55 Fronts (Bi-Amped), Q95C, Q15 Rears

Yamaha YST SW-120 Sub (Due to be replaced)

QED Silver Anniversary Speaker Cables

QED QUNEX SR75 Digital Interconnect

All Power Chords replace by high quality equivelents

RA Mains noise cleaner.

Calibrated using Avia Setup Disc with an SPL Meter

My Current HT sounds fantastic to everyone but me, a pal with a LEX setup says my system sounds great, as does my local HT store and all my friends.

I accept that the sound quality is excellent but I'm still missing the "Tingle" factor. I've put it down to sound "Steering", the 3D imaging effect isn't what it should be.

I've been playing with speaker positions and feel the they are in the best positions possible withing the room restrictions.

I'm thinking that my choice of direct firing speakers used as surrounds is what I've got wrong. 7.1 isn't an option in this room but....

What would be a good replacement surround speaker, (bi-pole? or di-pole?) that would be a good sonic match for the Kefs?

I'm after specific makes/models here if possible,


Mark Ward.
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