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Need system setup help.

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Hello. I am another noob to the whole HT thing. I'd like to think that i am well versed in electronics, but the amount of products out there is just overwhelming.

I have recently bought a vizio L37 LCD. Already getting 22 Digital channels :) Don't like the pixel artification if that is what it's called but over all it's a good tv.

Now I am trying to set up a component HT system. But I have taken a slightly wrong order of purchasing components :p

I have first bought 4 floor standing speaker palkaudio r30 (could not go wrong with $44 each new)

Next I am set on buying onkyo 503 7.1 receiver. But for now I will set it up for 5.1 since not too many movies are available in 6.1 7.1 as I was told. Also another reason for not setting up 7.1 is because my couch is set up right against the wall and there is no way to put the speaker even a little bit back

What I want is a well rounded system so I don't have super pooper subwoofer and crappy center channel. Keep in mind I still would like to listen to regular audio thorough this system... So I need advise on right sub and center channel.

Actual Questions:

I was advised by a friend to get a


Is this a right one for my current set up.

And also I need an advice for appropriate center channel (hopefully from polk line up)


Please keep in mind that finances don't have exact numbers but I really don't want to and up with a $1000 dollar system. Oh wait.

So far 4 speakers $230

receiver $250

Oh man looks like I will end up with a $900 system :-( ~$250 center $120 sub :-(

Thanks All help appreciated.
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How big is the room? Are you really locked into $120-$150 for a sub/$900 overall, or is there some extra $$ laying around? Could you find another $250-$350?

I ask b/c that's a small subwoofer, although it is probably an ok complement to the rest of your system. I hate buying small subwoofers - I can easily repurpose small speakers when I have the $$ to buy something bigger, but it's hard to find a use for a small subwoofer.
The room is long very long and rectangular. If it was a garage I would be able to park 2 cars back to back and open doors for a full access. The couch is all the way at the end parallel to the longer wall sleight across is the TV, window is along the shorter wall.

In terms of finance I set out with a budget of $400 which went to $600 and it keeps going up. So just give me your best suggestion. I am looking for a well balanced system. I listed all the components above.

BTW the speakers aren’t small here is the link (look below). Well now that I looked at other speakers offered by polk my speakers are kind of smallish.

The stupid noob filter wouldn’t let me post address but I got it :D

I think I just found my center channel on ebay polk cs2 for just over $200 buy now. Tell me what do you guys think?

Also for 7.1 system the rear 2 speakers are they as important as the center channel? or are they like surround speakers just back up?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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