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I use a Denon 4310 receiver's multi zone function.

The receiver is in the living room. Zone 2 is the bed room.

I bought a Xantech IR set to control the Denon receiver, a cable box and a DVD player in the living room from by bed room.

These I use:

- Hidden Link Designer IR Kit, Plasma & CFL Proof - Black

- Shelf-Top, BLAST-IR Emitter

However I have no luck getting this to work. When I use the kit with the blaster, nothing works. The yellow LED of the connector block blinks and the red LED on the blaster blinks when I press a button on the remote, but none of my equipment responds, even if I put the blaster as close as 1 meter from the equipment.

For test I use the original remotes of the equipment.

The IR kit contains 4 emitters. When I use one of those instead of the blaster, then I can control the cable box if I hold the emitter in front of it, but the Denon receiver still doesn't respond.

Anyone has a modern (xx08 or xx10) Denon AVR working with the Xantech set?

I'm trying to figure out if I do something wrong, maybe the Xantech is defective somehow or if it is not compatible with the Denon.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

EDIT: Now also got the Denon 4310 working with the Stick-on emitters, but the Blaser still no luck
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