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Due to impending changes to my listening room I'm considering replacing my Paradigm Signature S8 v.2's with a smaller signature model. I absolutely love how my sigs sound so I'm not looking to change brands but rather would prefer a sig model that is less imposing both physically and sonically. The S6's I think would still be overkill. So....

One possibility is to buy one of the few remaining pairs of S4 v.2s I see on Audiogon. While I have not listened to the S4's, I very much suspect that the tonal balance will be nearly identical. I'll be giving up a bit in maximum possible output and a bit of bass extension. Neither of these concern me too much. Thoughts from anyone who has listened extensively to both?

Another possibility is to buy S2's and (suspecting that I'd be unhappy with their bass extension) buy a sub. I'd consider a Paradigm sub, but would consider other brands as well. ..Again, thoughts anyone, including sub recommendations?? ..Would I need two or just one?

It's worth mentioning that although this system will be used for movies as well (in 2.0) I'm far more concerned with music. So if I go the route of buying S2's and a sub, the sub need only extend as deep as I'm apt to need for music. ..I don't care much about special effects in movies, etc.
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