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Need to find design help

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The good news is that I have the "power-that-be" onboard. The bad news is I am in need of a consultant. The space is tricky - modifying an already built home by finishing an unfinished second floor space that is not ideal. The motivation is there, but obviously no one wants to build it just to build it and have it be crappy from both a looks and a performance standpoint. Not entirely sure how to go about this.... I guess I am looking for a feasability consultant with an option to move forward (Planning, Design, Integration, Construction, Equip. Purchase, Instalation, etc). I am looking for someone in the Indianapolis/Fischers/Carmel IN area.

What should I expect to pay for a service like this?

Does anyone know anyone they would recomend?

I know some people do planning from a distance, but I think I need someone to see my space.
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Why don't you provide some pics of the area. Give dimensions, etc. Myabe some other people will chime in.

I am no expert but it sounds like you can be paying plenty of money.

Do you have the electric?

Do you have the enough amps total?

As far as design you can get some good ideas off this board. Look at people HT rooms and you will get plenty of ideas. Make sure contractors don't take advantage of you.

Good luck.

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You should PM reaper.

He's in Fishers, IN. Maybe he would be interested in being your consultant. He's done his own theater, and does 3D conceptual renderings of would-be theaters as a side business.

IN Evansville, Harmony Entertainment Environments, LLC 12102 Wayland Court 47725 800-783-3089 E.L. Mitz Certifications: CEDIA Area Serviced: SW Indiana, NW Kentucky, SE Illinois

IN Valparaiso, Drake Builders, LLC 406 Elm Street 46383 219-405-1218 Paul Sharpe Certifications: PE Area Serviced: Porter, Lake, LaPorte, Jasper Counties
I know some people do planning from a distance, but I think I need someone to see my space.
I'll be in Dublin, Oh, Indianapolis, and St. Louis a week from Monday.
Dennis, any plans to be near Kansas City any time soon?
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