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Hello there, it seems that my Dune HD Smart H1 has decided to stop playing files back. Neither files stored locally on the HDD or that are on my Plex server. Even local files that played previously aren't playing any more. I have tried a new hard disk drive in the machine and still no luck. Still, I bought it in 2011, so I've gotten my money's worth.

So, I'm on the hunt for a replacement. Connected to a Samsung TV via Denon AVR-4520CI

1. Local internal HDD storage (SATA 3.5" - I don't like USB drives)
2. Plays pretty much everything I throw at it, mostly .mkv rips of blu-rays and the occassional .iso file (also a handful of SD .mkvs)
3. Gigabit ethernet
4. Storage accessible over local LAN
5. Able to play videos from Plex server with Plex client (I like the interface, I was using emplexer on the Dune H1)

4K UHD isn't a requirement at this time since I don't have a 4K TV but it's nice to have in case the wife allows me to upgrade.

Options so far:
[]- Dune - doesn't seem to have a direct replacement that costs less than $700 (Dune HD Max 4K) - which if it's the best, the price is fine
[]- Zidoo Z10 - Seems to be a solid option @ $300
[]- Zappiti One SE 4K HDR - seems to be fine again @ $300 but I don't like the big Z logo on the front
[]- Egreat A8 - looks okay to me, but where do you buy it and how much is it?
[]- M9702 / Oppo clone - this one sounds super shady to me honestly
[]- Shield - Seems okay, but doesn't have an internal HDD bay

People will question why not just host everything on the Plex server or the Unraid server. It's just my idiosyncratic tendency to split my media up this way.

[]- Do these Android based boxes have any downsides to them?
[]- I think it's possible, but is installing other apps painful? Like a Plex client, Netflix, or Amazon, etc.?
[]- I believe in my research so far, the Zidoo will pass-through the audio untouched. Do the other's do this as well?
[]- Is there much in the way of differences in the UI between these devices?
[]- Will it work with my Harmony remote? I'm assuming there has to be someone out there that uses a Harmony to control these units. Perhaps this is a requirement.
[]- Any other options that I haven't considered?

Thanks for your help.
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