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Sorry, didn't mean to post twice, please disregard! Can't figure out how to delete.

Just replaced my RPTV and two D* boxes (Sony HD-200 & Hughes TIVO) with a Panasonic TH 50PX50U & a Hughes HR10-250 HD TIVO box. Looking for some troubleshooting help with my antenna connection. Under system test on the DirecTV box it keeps showing 0% under Antenna In for 1. & 2.

This was my former cabling on my RPTV with separate Sony HD-200 & Hughes TIVO units.

Cable 1 to Sat 1 In on TIVO

Cable 2 to Splitter, then to Sat 1 In on HD Box & Sat 2 In on TIVO

Cable 3 to Ant In on HD Box

Cable from Out to TV on HD Box to Ant A In on RPTV

TIVO was connected to RPTV via S-Video

HD Box was connected to RPTV via Component

This is how I have the cabling hooked up on the Panasonic 50PX50U with Hughes HLR 10-250 (HD TIVO)

Cable 1 to Sat 1 on Sat Box

Cable 2 to Sat 2 on Sat Box

Cable 3 to Ant In on Sat Box

HDMI cable from TV to Sat Box

Digital Audio cable from Sat Box to Denon Receiver

I first connected the antenna cable just to the TV, and selected Ant In (Antenna) and scanned all channels. Only a few local channels came up, two in HD, the others very poor reception.

Next I connected the antenna cable using the splitter to both Sat Box and TV, and rescanned using the same criteria. Only one more channels came up, channel 64, and it was a very poor picture.

Next I changed the Ant In (from Antenna to Cable) and rescanned. Now only three channels come up, and they have a terrible picture.

Then I connected the Sat 1 & 2 cables to the HD TIVO and scanned for all channels through the System Setup via Satellite & Off-Air. Local channels were scanned and are noted by Sat, as I subscribe to local channels under DirecTV. A couple local channels also come in under Ant as 9.1 and 9.2, but I am pretty sure these are as a result of the satellite, and not the antenna. All other channels which I used to receive just come up with a message searching for Antenna In, see Messages & Setup / Troubleshooting Info.

The only thing I can think to do is to go out and by a set of rabbit ears to see if it’s the antenna cable. Any suggestions?
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