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Want to repalce my 32" non flat screen non HDTV Toshiba with a Toshiba 34HF83 Widescreen HDTV or 36" 4:3 (with 16:9mode) RCA D36TF30 HDTV. The RCA is $200 less.

I have regular Cable and no HD components. I might hook up an antenna and pick up local HD stations (with a HD receiver of course) in the next 1 year but full HDTV is still a few years away for me.

I am concerned that the 34" will have a smaller picture when viewer regular cable TV and that if I stretch it will degrade the quality. The concern I have with the 36" is that the when playing widescreen DVD's or HDTV that the image will nor be as crisp as the widescreen ( I think there will be back bars on the top and bottom in 16:9)

Here are specs on the 36"

Product Features:

36" diagonal Digital High-Definition TruFlatâ„¢ Monitor

HDTV TruFlatâ„¢ Monitor*:

-800 x 1080i Pixel Resolution

Up to 864,000 Pixels

1080i Display of High-Definition Signals

Progressive Scan Up Conversion

3-Line Digital Comb Filter

Advanced Twin Tunerâ„¢ Picture-In-Picture (NTSC Only)

Six Sets of Audio/Video Inputs

SRS (•) Focus® Audio Technology

SYNCROSCANâ„¢ HD Component Video Inputs

Guide Plus+ GOLDâ„¢ On-Screen Program Guide

*See Manufacturer's Product Specs for More Information

Here are specs on the 34"

creen Type Flat Screen

Diagonal Screen Size 34 inch

Digital TV Standard HDTV Monitor / HDTV-Ready

Aspect Ratio 4:3 Enhanced, 16:9

Display Capabilities

Display Format 1080i (HDTV), 540p

Digital TV Standard HDTV Monitor / HDTV-Ready - Requires separate receiver to view HDTV signals.

Built-in Tuner NTSC

Aspect Ratio 4:3 Enhanced, 16:9

Remote Control

Remote Control Universal

Illuminated Remote Illuminated

Image Quality

Comb Filter 3DYC / 3D Digital

Invar Shadow Mask With Invar Shadow Mask

Velocity Scan Modulation With VSM

Adjustable Color Temp. With Adjustable Color Temperature

Audio Features

Audio Type Virtual Surround

Audio Output Variable / Fixed

MTS Stereo With MTS Stereo

Sound Leveler With Audio Leveler

Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) With SAP

Technical Features

Picture in Picture With PIP

Parental Control V-Chip

Sleep Timer With Sleep Timer

Energy Star Compliant Energy Star Compliant


Rear Input Connectors S-Video x 2, Component x 2, Composite x 2, DVI x 1, Audio (RCA) x 2, RF x 2

Front Input Connectors S-Video x 1, Composite x 1, Audio (RCA) x 1

Rear Output Connectors Composite x 1, Audio (RCA) x 2, RF x 1

Headphone Jack Without Headphone Jack

Any opinions are appreciated.



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Toshiba widescreen HDTVs have one of the best quality non-linear stretch modes for 4:3 programs, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their 34" model over a 4:3 set. Also RCA is definitely lower quality, I'd stick with a top-quality Japanese made set like Toshiba, Sony, or Panasonic in any case.
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