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Hi guys,

Security has become a very critical issue for me. And while I don't have unlimited funds, I'm willing to pay what it takes to get the best quality and coverage. I want 16-24 cameras to monitor about 15 rooms in a 5,000+sqft area.

So what's the best? Here's my list of priorities in order of importance:
  1. Accessible over the internet, iPhone a plus
  2. Cameras hidden very easily and well, if only we had wireless power...
  3. Sound, I know the legal issues
  4. Easy reviewing of historical footage, motion detection capabilities are crucial for this
  5. High quality video, want to see details
  6. Low light conditions
  7. Easy to wire, wireless still needs power and each room has cat5, so not sure how much help wireless is
  8. Cost, like I said I'm willing to pay for the best... but it will hurt

So I know there are DVR appliances and there are cards, like geovision's, which you can buy for a PC. Either way is fine with me. The other debate I've read about is wired cameras vs IP cameras. Traditional dome/bullet cameras are typically better quality while the ip cameras are more flexible according to what I've read. And, of course, wireless IP might be easier to wire (still need power and each room has cat5) without sacrificing quality... so that would be a plus.

Please I'd love to hear opinions on all of this... I know nothing about the current market of DVRs, cameras and accessories.
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