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NEED upconverting DVD PLAYER FOR MY SONY 60INXBR THAT is VGA so i can get 1080p outpu

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sINCE THE SONY 60IN TV DOESN'T SUPPORT 1080P through HDMI, i need a DVD hat outputs 1080p through vga
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1080p is very new, I'm pretty sure you won't find a DVD player that does what you ask at the present time (could be wrong), but I'm sure it's coming in a few months.
Does it accept 1080p over component? The Neodigits NeuNeo player can output 1080p over yPbPr.
No the sony 60inxbr only accepts 1080p through VGA. OTHERwise 1080i.

I have my samsund hd931, but everyone told me I'll get a better pitcure with a better dvd player.

If you're referring to the Sony 60XBR1 SXRD, the set does do 1080P but it only upconverts. It does not accept 1080P via any input including the VGA. It will accept 1080p/30 over firewire though but don't expect a DVD player to do 1080p until blu-ray DVD players come out. Sony's NS70H at 1080i via HDMI looks very nice although it slightly squeezes letterbox films and there is a shift issue which means even on 16:9 movies that should fill the screen it will give you a 1/2" border at the top:(
Well, I just looked again, the NeuNeo has VGA out as well. So, looks like that could be your answer! I also dont know of any other players that upscale to 1080p in general.

but VGA only supports 1024. even though it ouputs at 1080p in component, the sony won't recognise through component.
Actually, I think xb1032 is right. I think the only sets that can accept a 1080p signal over HDMI or Component are the HP DLP's.

So, why not get a realy good upscaler that can output 1080i, like the OPPO, and then let the Sony TV deinterlace it to 1080p?
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