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Need Vizio VP50 setting reccomendations please.

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I am trying to see if someone has this TV or has used it before. I notice every now and then that I see some "splotchy" areas on people's faces. This may be due to the TV itself, but maybe it could be helped with proper color/picture settings. The is the VP50 unit, from 2007. Please reccomend any kind of settings you use for this TV that gets you the best picture possible. I have HD cable and I watch tons of DVD's on it, so the picture is sharp. Thank you for any advice you may have,

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Yes That's the TV itself.

My Vizio Plasma 42in's settings is

Brightness: 40

Contrast: 40

Color: 45

tint: 0

Sharpness: 4

Color temperature: Custom:

RED: 110

GREEN: 110

BLUE: 110

these setting for my purpose to reduce splotchy areas on people's faces and color as look pictures more better and more crisp.

I hope this help.
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Yeah mine is a little different than that. Mine says Hue & Saturation also, and my color levels go to 100. Anybody else?
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