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I have existing wiring I'm try to re-use for my new HDTV in the kitchen.

I have currently running:

3- RCA jacks

1- coax

1- S-Video

I'm using the COAX for off-air antenna, so it's good.

I'm using the 3 RCA jacks for normal composite/audio for rebroadcasting the output of my Tivo at std def.

The s-video is unused.

What I'm wanting is to get a hi-def signal from the Tivo to the new TV using the existing wiring.

What I though I could do was:

1) repurpose the 3 RCA jacks to component video

2) multiplex/demultiplex the s-video cable (not signal) to RCA audio cables (r/l)

I don't need anything more than 2 channel audio since it's a kitchen TV.

The 4-pin s-video seems like it has enough signal to get me 2 audio lines, but I can't seem to find an adapter. I found 7-pin s-video adapters, but I only have the 4-pin connectors run.

The cable run is short (about 20 ft)

Anyone have any ideas on how to wire this up to get an HDTV signal using EXISTING connectors?


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2 channel audio with a 4-pin s-video should work fine. You may need to make your own adapter though. I don't think I've ever seen one for sale.

If you're handy with a soldering iron, it shouldn't be hard at all.

S-video pins 1 and 3 for left channel, pins 2 and 4 for right channel.
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