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My Sharp LC-32GA5U is connected to the VGA output of my computer's video card. (Computer is running Windows XP home, service pack 2.) I just upgraded from the motherboard's video chipset to an ATI Radeon 9250 (PCI) video card. I have the display resolution set to 1280 x 768, and the image looks great. Unfortunately, after re-starting the system, the resolution is always set back to 1024 x 768, so I have to manually reset it to 1280 x 768 and then rearrange the Windows desktop. I am using the latest driver and Catalyst software. The Catalyst software identifies the monitor as a "Sharp LCD panel", but Windows display says it's using "default monitor".

I'm thinking there's a bug in the ATI 9250 driver, and perhaps I can solve the problem by installing a monitor driver for my LC-32GA5U. Unfortunately, I can't find a Windows XP driver for it. Does anyone know where I can find a suitable driver?

Thank you.
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