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My budget is up to $250 for the base unit/headset combo and $100-$120 for each additional headset.

I can't find wireless headphones within this budget that have:

- digital RF (not just RF)

- excellent range (will be used through a wall) so no Bluetooth

- can connect (pair) multiple headsets to one base unit (at least 4 total)

- can buy the additional headsets separately (without buying base unit combos)

- not a Sennheiser - read the reviews on Amazon - they have a lot of problems when pairing additional headsets - even when finally paired if you put one of the units to charge the others unpair. I need something that you pair once and forget it.

- not the Sony MDR-DS6500 - it does not support pairing additional headsets

I have looked into some of the wireless headphones for gamers but could not find any that support pairing additional headsets.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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