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Need Wireless Keyboard Advice

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Ok, my HTPC is almost together:) Many thanks to all the useful advice I've found in this forum.

The last piece is the wireless keyboard. I bought a Belton IR wireless keyboard and mouse, and it is very dissapointing. Anything from beyound about 3 feet seems to skip and miss a lot. sometimes a keybress will caplock the thing. Maybe it is only recieving part of the bits sent and trys to fill in the rest. At any rate, very frustrating

What combo of wireless keyboard can people recommend that is reliable (no missed keystrokes or button clicks, precision control) at distances of about 15 feet.

I'm sure many others have had this same type of problem. Thanks for your advice.
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Lots of people seem to like the Logitech Freedom Wireless Keyboard with Wireless Optical Mouse package. I have one and although it is somewhat pricey, the mouse is excellent and the keyboard response quite well. I do find that the keyboard eats up batteries in about a month, but rechargeable took care of that problem.

I'm very happy with mine.

Gryration makes a wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse that works off of RF for a distance of 25 feet. I bought the package yesterday at Compusa for $100.00 for my HTPC, and am very happy with it. The keyboard is about the size of a laptop keyboard. The mouse can be used on a pad, or you can hold it in your hand and the mouse pointer will follow your hand movements. I have verified that it works for at least 20 feet in my enviroment. The receiver plugs into a USB port and can handle 3 devices.

The unit has 8 channels and 65,000 codes to prevent interference with other devices. Also, the mouse uses a rechargeable NMH battery.

You can also find open box units on e-bay for less than $60. Search for "gyration".

I've got one and like it too, I can sit in an easy chair and surf the net, do email and control my software DVD player..."No strings attached:D "
Thanks guys...2 to 1 ....Gyration it is. The RF idea and padless mouse sounds good. I'll head down to compusa today. Wonder if they will take a return on a slightly used IR keyboard and mouse...
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