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Hi guys,

I purchased a Screen Research 120" AT 2.35 TheaterCurve screen with the optional black backing, over a year ago, with the intention of using it in my cinema. Unfortunately, delays have happened and the screen is still sitting unopened in the box.

I'm about to kick the project off again to finish the cinema and am now at a cross roads. I was under the impression, when I purchased the screen, that I could add the Screen Research X-Mask later. I've since been in contact with Screen Research and have been advised this is not possible.

I was considering using Don's masking at HTIQ, but now that his business is no longer around, I am stuck. I am not a DIY'er. The screen is curved and this would pose me a mental nightmare to get my head around making the masking.

The screen is currently for sale on the AVS classifieds, but in case it does not sell, I'd be keen to hear if there are any other post market 'professional' masking systems available? I've had a look at SMX and I really like Ruben's set-up, but unfortunately these can't be custom made to the SR (Ruben, please PM me if I mistaken).

So what other options do I have? I really do want to use masking, for aesthetics, improved contrast, but also the WOW factor. The room will be completely black, so I wanted to use masking, to give the impression that the screen is floating for the audience.

All suggestions and contacts appreciated. PM or email me at chris.dot.neary.dot.com.dot.au



** Also posted in the Screens thread **
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