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Need *YOUR* Audio/Vidio Rack Ideas

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I'm looking into moving all of my A/V equipment off of the top of my TV so I thought I would poke and prod here to find out if anyone knows of some good solutions.


1. I.R. remote must be able to see the receiver.

2. Should not take up too much space.

3. Should be able to hold my HTPC.

I'm only racking 3 pieces of hardware- HTPC, DirecTV receiver, and a surround sound receiver.

Below are a couple of ideas I found from 1 website- I am only using this site for examples. I can find better prices out there.

Option 1. http://www.bigbangelectronics.com/p...id=5&pf_id=sf50 I like the idea of having a few shelves to hold some DVDs and the smoky glass front would allow I.R. signals to reach the receiver (for on/off & volume)

Option 2. http://www.bigbangelectronics.com/p...5&pf_id=axwg03b This is a nice idea- equipment can be higher than using the above piece of furniture and it looks like an elegant and unique way to hold gear.

As you can see below, I'm limited in space. To the right I have my DVD rack and the subwoofer. Option 2 would allow me to possibly keep the DVD rack while option 1 would just replace the DVD rack.


I'm open to suggestions and I thought that this would be a great place to get ideas.



Darren E


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use option 1 and either move the dvd rack to another place in your room or put your dvd's on wall shelves

these are nice for dvd wall storage http://www.ikea.com/webapp/wcs/store...ts=10104*13805

this one is also nice, it keeps with design 2 and allows you to move it easily http://www.bigbangelectronics.com/pr...=5&pf_id=wf45b it also is good with a HTPC and AV receiver because of the open design and lack of heat build up
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