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I've had a flawless HTPC setup for almost 3 years now. My woes with the HTPC started last week after installing .NET framework (to control a CD changer with Xlobby) after which everything went amiss.

I have WinXP, with an ATI Radeon 9000 card and a Sony HS-10 projector. I still have a back up of the pstrip.ini file. I have tried for more than 4 hours but just couldn't get the T&R to stick and get 1366x768 1:1 pixel mapping. It was working great (fantastic 16:9 pic thru DVI to my HS-10) and day before yesterday night suddenly I lost the custom settings. It appears to be that something went wrong with the display driver. Here is where I need your help.

1. For the ATI Radeon 9000, which driver gives 1:1 pixel mapping (1366x768). In my downloads directory I have more than 5 different drivers and I don't recall which is the one that is needed. I tried catalyst 3.2 with no success (driver did not accept 1366x768).

2. Anyone with a Sony HS-10, please post your Timings. I have tried the one listed in the entech forum.

What a pain...

I appreciate your help.


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