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Don't laugh but this is what I run

Warfedale 708 main speakers. Yes they are near as old as me. They are my fathers and in great condition. They sound great so I saw no need to replace them.

Yamaha v867. Just got it and love it.

A small bookshelf speaker for my center and same ones for my rears

Old Sony powered sub. It's bobo and I Plan to get lava sub to replace it.

Tv doesn't Matter but it's a dlp Mitsubishi 73. Yeah I know shoulda got the 82 lol. My friends and I joke that the 73 looks small now.

I need a center
. I searched the site and the consensus is matched to fronts. Well my fronts are old!!!!!!

I'd like to stay under 200 if possible. Most of my money goes to a sweet money Pit I like to call my car lol. Thanks in advance.
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