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Need your unwanted screen samples

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Ok this is going to get me jeers and boos.. but hear me out.

I just bought a 70 by 70 Dalite Hipower and I love it. It

brings my low power lcd projector to life. Much Brighter. (very

narrow viewing angle however). One disappointment was it ended up

only about 67 inches wide.. and I was worried about width anyway.

This is only a problem with the extreme wide screen format.. When I

adjust my tripod mounted pj to fit,I end up with very short picture.

This is where you come in.. send me your idle Dalite Hi Power samples

and I will use five of them down the side to extend my screen.

I have two now.. and it works. Yes a wider model was a lot more bucks. Ok lets hear the hoots....
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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