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Hi all

Need some advise

I dont really have a budget left to purchase allot but i'll start with what i have

I purchased and installed monoprice in wall speakers, center, fronts L/R, rears L/R and an jn wall sub

Everything is great except the in wall sub has absolutely no bass. Now i dont want allot of bass because the wife will have me turn it down because of the kids

Currently i am still running it off my sony htib hdmi receiver, searching for a used decent a/v receiver. So for the mean time i have connected my htib passive sub along with the in wall to compensate. While searching the internet the suggestions i find are replace the inwall with a powered sub, i like this idea but then i'm stuck with an inwall sub doing nothing (hole and sub are installed and i have no desire to patch this hole) or buy an amo for the inwall but i'm not sure how much difference that will make?
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