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Negotiating w/ Local Dealer?

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Hi all...

... seeing the "response" that my Power Conditioners thread is getting, I am a bit nervous to post something else! :D

I am making progress in the Apartment HT Makeover... having gotten the Pioneer 1014 receiver and knowing what TV (KD-34XBR960) and 5.1 Speakers (Klipsch Cinema 8 w/ RW-10). Now coming the actual purchasing...

I know of 2 dealers that carry both the TV/Stand and Receiver. I've gotten a quote from one ($ 3,500 + 7% tax + $75 delivery) and need to contact the other one. What kind of negotiating can I do when it comes to a price break? Are the prices that the dealers quote usually their final offer... or are they willing adjust, especially for a "near complete" system order.

Just curious...


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If there not willing to negotiate than they don't deserve your business. Here in Ontario, Canada total sales tax is 15%, so when ever I shop for anything electronics or anything I know has a price that can be negotiated I always start with 15% off and work my way up.

LOL Jeff, you know how to pick a topic. There was a huge thread/debate on what is an fair discount to expect from a dealer. It went on and on just like the "conditioner" thread. ;)

I tried searching through current and archives and could not find the thread. I'm 99% sure it was in the HT General forum. I''m hoping someone else can dig it up. You may gleen some good insight from it.

A discount depends on a lot of factors...total amount spent, some companies have set prices (Bose) that aren't discounted unless theirs a national sale, which product line (Pioneer reg or elite), are you using the retailer for an install? I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point.

If you can get 10 to 15 percent off at the big box stores your doing ok. How are you paying for it? Are you buying the extended service plans? Are you paying for delivery? Is the stuff already on sale, and you want even more off the sale price? There are so many variables. Remember, when you negotiate with a salesperson, you are asking them to pay you out of their own pocket. The better deal you get, the less they make. One thing to consider is the best price is not always the best deal. In most cases it is better to pay a little more for a store that will take care of you in the event their are problems.

I got 17% off my reciver and the salesman threw in a 5 year warranty ($50 value). So really it was 22% off.

I think the fact that I mentioned coming back in and buying an HDTV helped. I spent about $1000 total with the guy. It was HiFi buys.
It shouldn't be too tough to get 10% off of retail. You're in a better position since you have 2 places to work with. While I don't promote going back and forth to get the last cent, it can't hurt to let them both know that there is another option for you.

If they're close, pick the one that will give you the best service and that may potentially have other items you are interested in later on. Repeat customers always automatically got more of my attention when I was selling.
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