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Neotech NES-3001 Speaker Cable Solid Copper Core Conduction 16 Individual Copper Cables.

Neotech NES-3001 speaker cable is made ​​up of a combination of 16 UPOCC 7N copper conductors (single crystal> 99.99999%) solid, insulated with Teflon.

The wires are woven helically around a core of PVC. Each group of 8 conductors totaling 8.3 mm2! Sold Core Copper Cables such as these are considered one of the best Secrets in High End Audio. Don’t pay silly amounts of money for High end Cables when the internals are more or less then same.

The NES – 3001 cable is Neotech Top of the Line…Neotech has to offer!

16 Meter Roll as Pictured.

These cables are Heavy and do not bend easily. Shipping boxes are set to be larger to maintain the cables integrity.

Guaranteed to beat any online website pricing.

Please email me if you want more pictures, Details, Etc.

Payment by Paypal Is Accepted to Verified Address only.

Asking Price on Ebay is 2880.00

I am willing to let these go at $2400.00 US with world wide Shipping for Free. Cable weights approx. 6K but dimension on shipping is much larger and I will absorb the fee.

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