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Hi All,

I have been a Flight sim junkie for some time now.. I had always dreamed of a Big screen for running my Flight Simulators on.. WEll back in 2010 it became a reality altho I started off rather small for a Projector..

The screen was 45" with a Projector and I used some Screen goo for the paint.. Well shooting forwad to 2015 I had built a bit bigger of a screen and curved this time..

I dubbed it Nephilims Virtual Flight simulator.. I had discovered Curved screens long time back but since the warping software at the time was in the thousands of dollars a curved screen was out of reach.
Well along came nThusim and brought the cost down to enthusiasts to within grasp of us mere mortals.. Well I went ahead and bought nThusim at that time I had a 3 Projector setp but it was a planar setup so no real need for nthusim..

Well I got in contact with Brad over at nThusim and he had much experience with building curved screens.. So after about 2 weeks designing and all I cam up with a 10'x4' 7'arc my dream was finally realized.. here are some pics of the build process and such:

The Icing on the cake for me is it is a NVidia 3D Vision certified system for a total immersion.. I ran a mission in DCSW last night and it was totally immersive I almost felt I was really there..

I had painted the Screen with Behrs Silver screen paint and the result was fabulous. I am now looking to buy a iDisplay Pro to calibrate the 3 displays for better color matching as it is pretty bad and My fiddling with it is making it worse hehe!!


I will try adjusting the gamma for now, I was looking into a ISF calibration but that was going to be very expensive for 3 Projectors.. So the iDisplay Pro should fit the bill nicely..

here are my PC Specs:

1. Intel i5 3570K @ 4.3ghz
2. Asus P8Z68-V Gen 3 motherboard.
3. Windows 7 64bit SP1
4. eVGA 980GTX SC
5. 3 Acer 1261P DLP PRojectors.
6. Coolermaster HAF 932 case
7. Buttkicker Simulation
8. Thrustmaster Cougar F16 Joystick Replica HOTAS
9. Thrustmaster Cougar MFD's
10. Creative 7.1 speaker system
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Damn, that's cool.

How's the experience with other games/movies?

Well besides Flight simulations I do some MMO's and the result is it is very cool indeed.. Sometime I got so involved in the gaming session it feels I am there especially in ESO..

I have some racing sims but hardly play them but that is really cool as it seems mostly a 1:1 scale..
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