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Nest /Google account migration

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I have been a long time user of Nest cameras, thermostats, and smokes and still log into Nest: i.e. I have not migrated the account to Google although at some point I may have to; I still hold a grudge against Google for breaking ‘works with Nest API’.
So my question; if I migrate the account, will I still be able to use the Nest app in the same way?
More important is I use Nvidia Shield Nest app: will that still work?
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I've been wondering the same thing. I have a Nest doorbell and it keeps bugging me to migrate but I see no incentive to do it.
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bump :)
The last I heard, that if you migrate, many 3rd party integrations will break.
If it ain't broke now, don't try to fix it (don't upgrade).
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I did some more checking on this: if one were to migrate to Google/Nest, you would lose the ability to access Nest on Apple TV or any Android device: I use the Nest app from the Google Play Store on Nvidia Shields and don't want to lose that capability.
I spoke to Nest Customer Support (very knowledgeable helpful fellow) and he said they are aware that many do not want to migrate their accounts and was reassured they will continue to support the Nest app and not force migration.
Of course they made the same promise to continue to support the Dropcam site...
NEW NEST CAM WIRELESS BATTERY VERSION not compatible with Nest app

I bought a 2 pack of the new Nest Cam that is entirely wireless; they resemble the Nest IQ outdoor camera but are larger and heavier; they have a strong magnetic mount and you can wire them with the provided power cable.
Nest offers free theft protection; anyone can easily grab the camera from its mount: Nest will replace any camera stolen this way if you present a police report within 30 days of loss
But the new camera and wireless doorbell will only work with the Google/Nest app: it will not work with the Nest app. I read Nest is phasing out all its present cameras and new ones will also only work with Google app; seems Google is intent on migrating all users from the Nest app.
I am returning the new cameras; at some point I think I will replace all my Nest devices for a more user friendly brand
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