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Netflix playlist ?

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Does anyone know if you can set up a specific playlist for the netflix streaming videos?

I know when you watch something, say a TV sitcom, when it's over it will pick a random episode and play it next (or it did for me anyway).

Let's say I want to add specific videos to a playlist or queque and have them play in the order I choose (1,2,3 etc).

Can this be done?

Thanks much.
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Can I just add them to "my list" ? then press play on the first video and the remaining ones will play automatically maybe?
answering my own question -- doing it now with the "my list" and it seems to be working.

great !

Netflix has an ''auto play the next episode'' feature. But this is only for individual series. It will not play a single episode of a show in your queue-now dubbed My List, then, move to the next series in line, and play an episode from there. A playlist cannot be created where you can program different content to stream, one after another.


Recently, they have given subscribers the option of turning it off for each profile on our account. The settings can be found under Your Account>Playback settings.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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