Netflix announced price increases for standard and premium plans in the United States. This news was reported by The Verge. The standard plan that currently costs $13 a month will go up by one buck, to $14 a month. Meanwhile, the premium subscription will increase from $16 a month to $18 a month. Basic plans remain at nine dollars a month.

The increased subscription prices take effect immediately for new subscribers, existing subscribers will receive notifications and experience the price increase in coming months. According to Netflix, the increased subscription price allows the company to continue offering original shows and films. This announcement follows a recent increase of subscription prices in Canada.

Netflix has the enormous content creation budget, estimated to be 18 1/2 billion in 2020, more than double what Amazon spends and triple what AppleTV spends to create original content. It's also seven times more than Disney+ spends, nine times more than HBO Max spends... You get the picture, Netflix puts a lot of money into original content. And someone has to pay for it.