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Netflix to iPhone, iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii?

By Tom LeBlanc
Netflix to bring "Watch Instantly" feature to those devices.

Netflix and its Watch Instantly streaming content seem to be showing up everywhere and it may soon make its way into Apple products and Nintendo Wii.

According to unnamed executives cited by Afterdawn, Netflix is preparing to bring its "Watch Instantly" feature to Nintendo Wii and the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

It notes that the iPhone and iPod touch would most likely block the viewing of content over the 3G, due to AT&T's alleged throttling of bandwidth intense applications.

Apple would prefer consumers download movies and TV content through its iTunes library, but Netflix's instantly viewable 12,000 movies and TV episodes are gaining steam with consumers.

Netflix has partnered with TiVo, Sony, LG, ZeeVee, Windows Media Center, Roku, ReQuest and others. Perhaps, Apple wants to jump on the bandwagon.

Nintendo Wii certainly makes sense as a potential Netflix partner since Microsoft Xbox 360 already offers access to the "Watch Instantly" feature.

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