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I am looking for some advice.  I have a SHARP Aquos LC-80LE633U.  The 80" unit from Costco.  The unit has a built-in ability to access one's Netflix account.  I consistently get slow load times and often "your selection is unavailable - try again later".  The network connection is CAT5 through my home Time Warner cable ISP.  I would also like to mention my download speed is 10MBPS.


If I try and access Netflix from my computer (on the same wired network) I never have any issues like I experience with the TV.  I have contacted SHARP, and they have confirmed my settings are correct.  They directed me to a Netflix help page that was useless.


Would it be best to get a Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire box?  It seems stupid that this built-in feature performs so poorly and would now need to by an additional box.  I don't use Hulu or any other net based programming, so I felt the Sharp with the built-in app would suffice.


Any insight would be appreciated.
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