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I have two HTPCs with cases that include an IR receiver and the very old iMon software, last updated around 2008.
The iMon manager allows mapping of IR signals to some Windows keys. I have mapped them to Windows media keys.
This works well in most apps like JRiver Media Center or PowerDVD.

However, it doesn't work at all in the Netflix app. The only remote signal that works is the "app exit" key. Things like pause, stop, fast forward, etc. don't do anything. The odd thing is that media keys on my wireless keyboard do work in the same app. I'm not sure why this app is behaving differently. I'm guessing iMon manager would need an update for Windows 10, but Soundgraph stopped updating it a long time ago unfortunately.

Is anyone using an IR remote successfully with the Netflix Windows app, and if so, which one ?

The only reason I want to use Netflix on my PC is that Netflix on my Firestick 4K and Chromecast Ultra don't pass the Dolby Atmos stream to the receiver, only DD+. But the HTPC with a 1050Ti GPU can. Since my home theater is 11.4, I really want the Atmos whenever possible.
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