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Network attached LCD for Business Info

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Ok so I couldn't find a recent thread on this so here goes:

I have been tasked with finding and specifying a 50"+ LCD/LED HDTVs that can be used to display business data. They will be mounted at 5 locations in the building.

I do not want to install a video distribution system for this.

My question is are there any of the new Internet / Network enabled TVs out there that can be made to display PowerPoint, HTML, XML or another easily modified format that can be hosted on the network?

I know I stream video and pictures but those are harder to update on a daily / weekly basis.

Any help appreciated,

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What you want is a business monitor, not a TV. These are large displays that use TV panels and they are intended for the application you describe among other things.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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