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Network Connection Uses?

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I note some screens such as the KDL-52XBR6 also have a network connection.

I am wondering if i could make use of such a feature. Anyone shed any light on uses for this?

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It's for streaming media from a DLNA complaint server to the TV, such as music, pictures video.

If you have a windows PC, you already have a built in DLNA server, Windows Media Playe. If you are on a Mac, TwonkyVision will work.
hmm intrigued but not sure what youre saying. Mediaplayer couldnt stream movies directly to another IP address on the network i.e. the TV.

I have a windows pc (xppro not media centre).

I was planning on connecting my pc via the dsub connection to get my desktop. I am doing that mainly so i can watch slingplayer on it. not fullscreen obviously. I will also watch some DIVX movies.

Any thoughts on how i can make use of the Network connection from the above?

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Media Player can stream to an IP on a LAN, not sure how to do it though, it's been years since I worked on a XP system.
Interesting i didnt know that
Per Sony site...

DLNA compliant

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compliance allows BRAVIA® XBR®6-Series HDTVs to access digital photos from DLNA-enabled PCs and other devices3.

Just photos right now...
Oh the XBR6 can only do photos? I thought it was similar to the Samsung A750 DLNA which can do music and many popular video formats.
ok, it's not much of a use then if it's only for photos. I guess buying an HD media center would be the best option.
Someone knows why Sony won't let Music be streamed thrue the network connection and a DLNA server ?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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